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Janruary 9 2013 - Ecological Communities and Species

These were restored. This restoration took longer to complete than expected as the new Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification required remodelling the resulting communities and species.

February 24 2012 - Ecological Communities and Species

Owing to hardware malfunction – the ecological communities and species data require restoration. The estimated date of recovery is Nov 30th 2012.

February 3 2012

On Tuesday January 24th the server that hosts Hectares BC experienced a hardware malfunction. Multiple drives in our RAID array failed.

We have since fixed the hardware problem and restored Hectares BC from the backup. If you have problems using Hectares please report a ticket (see Reporting Bugs & Enhancements below) - if you leave your email address we will do our best to notify you once the issue has been resolved.

There are a few outstanding items we are in the processing of resolving:

  • The "Species (Areas of Interest)" and "Ecological Communities" layers are not currently available. We hope to have these layers available in the next few weeks.
  • Hectares BC will not work on Firefox 10.

Project Summary

Hectares BC is a pilot project to test the concept of a new tool for geospatial data analysis in the natural resource area. The provincial government in British Columbia has a wealth of geospatial data but limited staff and tools for its analysis. Hectares BC will improve access to summarized, integrated, geospatial data by a wider range of clients and will deliver timely, consistent responses to clients with a minimum of intervention by geomatics professionals. It will also provide an analytical framework that is superior to what is currently available for use by these professionals as well as other advanced users of geospatial data outside of government.

Hectares BC will create a web application and associated raster database by July 2008. If the pilot is successful, we anticipate data custodians and users collectively will find it to be sufficiently beneficial to continue to maintain it over time. All of the data included in Hectares BC will have been determined by the data custodians to be suitable for release to the public (the vast majority is already accessible but in a form that limits its use).

Recent Updates

Recent Updates

The Application


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Hectares BC Tutorials

Reporting Bugs & Enhancements

To report a bug or request and enhancement:

  1. Click the login link at the top/right of this page
  2. Enter the following credentials:
    • User Name: guest
    • Password: guest
  3. Select the 'New Ticket' link that will appear in the upper right once logged on.

The HaBC Grid

The HaBC grid cell size will be 1 hectare. This is an ideal unit of area in both terms of size and shape as:

  • A hectare is 100 metres on each side. Most provincial spatial data inputs (biogeoclimatic zones, climate areas, baseline thematic mapping) have ground accuracies that are similar to or larger than 100 metres. Inputs that have finer resolutions can be easily summarized into totals within each square hectare.
  • There are about 95 million hectares in the Province, which (at one row per hectare) is well within the practical size limits for a usable database table.
  • With square hectares and a grid, both data processing (calculating grid values from input data) and data summarization (calculating output attributes for roll-ups) can use raster mathematics, which provide substantial processing efficiencies.

Hectares BC Grid

Project Management








Problems Downloading?

  • See here if you have problems downloading files from the Data Drill Export dialog within the Hectares BC application.