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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
57Histogram in Value-based Metadataassignedegougenew featuremajorSprint 3
172missing VRI metadata?newegougedatamajor
752Looking for a Data Dictionarynewsomebodyversion 2.0majorSprint 5
761User data upload capabilitynewsomebodyversion 2.0majorSprint 5
773Permalinks should include the current view extent, base map layer and opacitynewegougeversion 2.0majorSprint 5
775Batch Processor does not properly clean up databasenewsomebodybugmajor
779measuring tool?newsomebodyversion 2.0majorSprint 5
780exported jpeg - black and white, no toponewsomebodyversion 2.0majorSprint 5
789Export data issuenewegougeissuemajorSprint 5
793Site Index filenewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
795Batch processor should not fail if conservation framework spreadsheet is not availablenewsomebodybugmajor
797kmz export not displaying properly in Google EarthnewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
800VRI - Site Index does not seem correct.newsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
802Load VRI 2010 with Veg_Comp_Layer_r1 joinednewsomebodydatamajorSprint 5
807no "Ecological Communities" in the menunewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
808no data in excel sheet after data drillnewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
809No expanding lists for species and ecologial communities (area of interest)newsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
810User Data Upload Capabilitynewsomebodyversion 2.0majorSprint 5
812Is data download functionality still supportednewsomebodyissuemajorSprint 5
818define area of interest?newsomebodynew featuremajorSprint 5
821WMS layer not showing on mapnewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
825Page Not Found Error on MetadatanewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
827Batch Queue does not send datanewsomebodybugmajorSprint 5
20Issue: Layer List Folder Groupingassignedegougeversion 2.0minorSprint 2
42Metadata breadcrumbsassignedegougeversion 2.0minorSprint 2
53Add 'request a data layer' link off the applicationassignedegougeversion 2.0minorSprint 5
123Batch Queue Ordering to Prevent Nuisance Usersreopenedsomebodyversion 2.0minorSprint 5
781Lead species download gave me 81 unique valuesnewsomebodyversion 2.0minorSprint 5
790Show me everything / data drill requires 2 attempts for export of XLS file in IE7newsomebodybugminor
796WMS Map Tool Spelling Errornewsomebodybugminor
798Add Fisheries Sensitive Watershedsnewsomebodynew featureminorSprint 5
799Raster Data Search Returns Duplicate Resultsnewsomebodybugminor
805Zoom to Mapsheetnewsomebodybugminor
769WMS views used by a user are not retained ... user must set them up on each visitnewsomebodyversion 2.0trivial
777Raster Data Export Limited to Visible Extentnewsomebodyversion 2.0trivial
778HectaresBC via web serviceassignedgreg.lawranceversion 2.0trivial
787Update Themes Tab Export Tooltipnewsomebodybugtrivial
788Summary Excel Export Maximum Number of Rows Checknewsomebodybugtrivial
794Check valid email addresses when submitting to batch queuenewsomebodyissuetrivial
806Hypertext reference on Contact Us page of App does not resolve correctlynewsomebodybugtrivialOther
826Die unglaublich effektive „Revolyn“-Pille!newsomebodybugtrivialSprint 5
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