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67Decision: How to deal with two metadata systemsegougeclosedcriticalSprint 5GUI
30Decision: Figuring Out what To do with 0's and NullsegougeclosedmajorSprint 2GUI
38Decision: Metadata DesignegougeclosedmajorSprint 4GUI
60Decision: Trac to remain Public for now.egougeclosedmajorSprint 5GUI
61Decision: Summary Resolution OptionsegougeclosedmajorSprint 5GUI
63Decision: Removal of Entire Row/Column of Summary QueryegougeclosedmajorSprint 5GUI
68Decision: Source for water layers and watershedsegougeclosedmajorSprint 5Data
102Decision: Drill down should say yes/nosomebodyclosedmajorSprint 5GUI
173Copy of sourcesomebodyclosedmajorSprint 5Project
83Decision: Login FunctionalityadowntonclosedminorSprint 6GUI
85Do we require Email VerificationaalamclosedminorSprint 6GUI
93Decision: Deletion of running batch queue itemssomebodyclosedminorSprint 6GUI
16Decision: Definition box styleegougeclosedtrivialProject
17Decision: Monitor resolution targetegougeclosedtrivialProject
18Decision: Forest Cover LayersegougeclosedtrivialSprint 2Data
19Decision: BasemapegougeclosedtrivialGUI
41TestsomebodyclosedtrivialSprint 5GUI
45Decision: Summary Tab DnDegougeclosedtrivialSprint 2GUI
46Decision: Elevation DataegougeclosedtrivialSprint 5Data
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