Hectares BC Metadata Editor

The Hectares BC Metadata Editor allows users with the necessary permissions to edit the Metadata displayed in the application.

To acquire a valid username and password contact the Hectares BC working group.

Accessing the Metadata Editor

The metadata editor can be accessed through the Hectares BC application.

In the Hectares BC application, a metadata box exists below the layer trees in the Show Me Where..., How Much..., and Raster Data tabs. Located at the bottom of each metadata files is an 'Edit Metadata' link. Selecting this link will prompt for authentication and then display the metadata editor with the file that was selected to edit open.

Metadata Editor Edit Link from within Hectares BC application.

Metadata Editor Interface

The figure at the bottom of this page displays an example of the Hectares BC Metadata Editor interface.

  • Layer Metadata Files: Contains a listing of the selected metadata file and all of its siblings.
    • A metadata file's siblings are all other items that appear at the same level in the data tree.
    • The layers appear in this list box in the order defined in the metadata files (by the 'tree order' field).
    • You can edit the selected item or any of the siblings (by selecting the sibling from the list).
  • Preview Box: A preview of the metadata file.
  • Layer Name / Grid Name / Value Name / Category Name: Name of the layer / grid / value / category as it appears in the data tree.
  • Tree Order: Order of the tree relative to its siblings.
  • Metadata Body: The body of the metadata files. All metadata files are stored as html text, therefore it is important that any modifications to this section following the html coding standards.
  • Grid Description: This field contains a description of the data grid.
    • This field is only applicable to some metadata files (grid metadata files).
    • This field is currently not used within the Hectares BC application and may not be populated for all grids.
  • Units: The units associated with the data.
    • This field is only application to some metadata files (value metadata files).
    • This field is used to display the units in the Show Me Where... tab when a value layer is dragged into the definition box.
    • This field may contain valid html code (example: "m<sup>2</sup>")
  • Save Metadata Changes: Saves the metadata file and any changes you have made.
  • Preview: Updates the Preview Box with any changes you have made.

Modifying a File

To modify a file:

  1. Make modifications to the necessary fields.
  2. Click the 'Preview' button to ensure the results are what you expected.
  3. Click 'Save Metadata Changes' button.

Depending the changes made, you may need to restart the Hectares BC application before you see the changes in the application.

Metadata editor gui.